What is a Leadership Advance, you ask?

You may have participated in your share of leadership retreats.  We suggest you think along the lines of a Leadership Advance. After all, when you pull your leadership team together you want to look forward and advance the work of your organization, therefore we facilitate Leadership Advance sessions. 


We work with you from start to finish, first meeting with you, the leader, to plan the session and determine the goals of the Leadership Advance.  We then facilitate the session (may be one day or whatever the necessary length of time).  We then provide an executive summary after the Advance. 


It can be particularly important to have a working session like this facilitated by an expert who understands the outcome you seek and will guide the group through fruitful discussion and planning to meet the goal(s).  The facilitation skills and expertise are useful to you, but just as importantly is the neutrality the facilitator brings to the discussion.  Sarah Watson has the skills and experience to guide your leadership team through a Leadership Advance that gets you where your organization needs to go.