Here's what business owners said about their boot camp experience

Best in People conducted a Leadership Boot Camp for Business Owners early in 2011.  It was conducted over 4 consecutive Tuesdays from 6:30 - 8:00 a.m.  


"I think going over ideas and having those ideas shared amongst other business owners allows us to better understand that many of us have similar issues.  Also, remembering to lead is by far our most important trait as well as our most important task on a daily basis." 


"It was a safe environment for business owners to remove their "on" hat for awhile and tinker with the mechanics of the biz while having other master mechanics watch and advise."


"It was good to see how others were approaching leading others in their organization.  It helped me reaffirm the positive things I am doing to be better and also helped me realize that I/we have made progress."


"Thanks - it was excellent - 'just what I needed.'"


"Small class size allowed for great discussions."


By the numbers:

*83% of participants found the boot camp to be very or extremely beneficial.

*100% of participants felt that the boot camp objectives were clearly communicated prior to the session(s) and that those objectives were met.

*100% of participants felt that the leader effectively moderated the sessions.

*100% of participants strongly agreed that they had ample opportunity to participate.