Public Speaking

Whether you need a speaker for your civic organization or for your conference schedule, Sarah Watson is ready and willing to be the speaker you need on topics related to communication, leadership, team building or change management.  We tailor the topic of choice to fit the audience and time frame.  Whether you need someone who can speak for as a few as 15 - 20 minutes or do more robust sessions of up to two hours.  The fees would vary depending on the organization and amount of time requested.


Some of Sarah's recent and upcoming speaking engagements:

  • Township Officials of Illinois
  • Eastern Illinois Volunteerism Conference
  • Illinois Banker's Association Women in Banking Conference
  • Illinois News Broadcasters Association Conference
  • Northwest Illinois Volunteerism Conference



Two popular presentations/sessions are:


It's All About Communication!


Whether you are working with board members and other volunteers, staff, or potential donors, it's all about communication and in this session it's all about you!  Communication is a serious topic that can be approached in a fun way.  In this session you will be challenged to think about how complex communication really is and how your personality affects the way you communicate. Come ready to participate and enjoy an hour ofactive learning.


Follow the Leader!

You are a leader in your organization! Are you being intentional about how you
lead? How important are your leadership skills? How important are you to the success of your organization? In a word, VERY important. This session will give you a chance to look inside yourself and make sure you are leading with intent and purpose, not just because you are in charge.




Watch the video clip to get a look at Sarah Watson's style and a brief clip from It's All About Communication.


Here's what people have to say about It's All About Communication. 


"It was a great session -- I think the one thing that I've really tried to do is give my full attention to whoever is trying to talk to me.  To stop typing, and look at them and really listen. This is a good thing."   Beth S.


"I recently had a planning meeting for a committee I chair.  I sent the agenda out two days in advance, with a bunch a detail that included what decisions we needed to make and some thoughts from me and those who couldn’t attend that could help guide the discussion.  People appreciated knowing more about expectations and having time to think before we met."  Bev H.


"I learned a lot that day and walked out knowing that I will
be able to do better things.


I was the person who asked the question about which way to clarify communication: “Did I make myself clear?” OR “Did you understand what I
said?” My thought was to determine whether the question should be about me or
about the receiver. Others quickly answered my query by restating the entire
thing to, “Tell me what you heard.” Not a question, but a statement; and it
started a better understanding of  the communication process. I have used that a
couple of time since; and have realized that I don’t do well communicating with
14 year old volunteers!!"  Jim H.