Why do you need Best in People?


You need to get the best from each of your staff.  Your staff is your single most significant resource.  In these tough times, the staff may not have grown and you may have even downsized.  You must maximize the resources that you have. 


Turnover is expensive. If you have good people, having hired the right people for the job, it is significantly more cost effective to develop the skills of those staff than to replace them and train new staff. 


You need to keep your top performers happy.


You need to improve the performance of some of your staff.


Excerpt from an article by Sylvia Ann Hewlett, an economist, author and founder of the Center fo Work-Life Policy in New York City:


According to a SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) article, high salaries and bonuses aren't necessarily the main incentive for engaged employees.  There are sustainable, nonmonetary options for your to use as incentives for performance.


Among them:


Keep career development.  Tough times offer opportunities for career development.  When teams are operating with fewer staff, everyone must pitch in.  Providing development opportunities that are both professionally and personally rewarding is a great way to boost morale.  Enhanced skills contribute to current job performance, as well as to increase potential for growth within the organization.


Re-create pride and purpose.  Staff want to feel good about their organization.   Revisit the mission of the organization and link each staff's role to that mission.  Reinforce the signficance of each and every role to the overall success of the organization.